Crimped Wire Mesh Machine

Function Characteristics: The machine adopts the world's advanced technology during its design to meet the market's requirment. It can be fed the weft wire by shuttless line propulsion, Drive-wai ginning, weaving a molding, automatic weaving,it has Complete machine is simple, low noise, high efficiency. It can produce the kinds of crimped wire mesh weaving machine with  0.4MM-1.0Mm wire, mesh size 1mesh-20mesh. The wire mesh produced by this machine are widly used for filtering of liquid or gas and sieving of solid particles in the industrial departments of petrochemical industry, machinery, military industry, spaceflight and etc.


Weaving width (mm) Overall Diamension(mm) Motor power (KW) Weight(kg)
1000mm 2500mmx2500mmx1500mm 0.75 1000
1200mm 2800mmx2500mmx1500mm 1.1 1200
1300mm 3500mmx2500mmx1700mm 1.1 1300
1500mm 4000mmx3000mmx1700mm 1.5 1400
1800mm 4000mmx3000mmx1700mm 1.5 1500
2000mm 4200mmx3000mmx1800mm 2.2 1800
2300mm 4500mmx3000mmx1800mm 2.2 2000