Euro Fence

Advantages of Euro Fence:
Long Life
Adoptive plastic coating technology and very robust weld made of the welded mesh fencing rolls reinforce corrosion resistance.

The strong vertical wires results in a very rigid fence.

Low Price
The welded mesh panels made out of iron wire provide low cost .

The horizontal wires have a crimp at every mesh that make fence beautiful and rigid.




Tensile strength horizontal wire: 450-550wt/ mm²
Tensile strength vertical wire:600-700wt/ mm².
Specifications can be customized.

Coating Techniques & Colors Of Euro Fence
The euro fence is PVC coating adhesion after galvanized to the surface in accordance with the GB/T18226-2000 standard.
The welded mesh rolls colors usually are green. Other colors can be requested.

Application Of Euro Fence:
Ideal for residential buildings , parks , schools , public buildings , and pedestrian zone, private gardens and parks .

Inch MM
2.5mm/3.0mm 4" x 4" 101.6mm x 101.6mm
2.5mm/3.0mm 4" x 3" 101.6mm x 50.8mm 
2.0mm/2.5mm 4" X 2" 101.6mm x 50.8mm
1.9mm/2.4mm 3" X 2" 75mm x 50.8mm
1.9mm/2.4mm 2" X 2" 50.8mm x 50.8mm
1.9mm/2.4mm 2" X 1" 50.8mm x 25.4mm